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S.I.Opticals is an appointed Sports Vision Practice by Sports Vision UK; engaged to screen enthusiastic individuals for any given sport.
Sports Vision Cycling

The clinics are designed to recognise the demands of the visual tasks for a given sport and clinically and practically help individuals improve their sporting skills by maximising the demands of the visual system. Sports that have benefited from such clinics are football, snooker, cricket, tennis, squash, motor racing, archery and even running.

At S.I.Opticals we have a designated sports vision clinic and are stockist of ALL types of sports eyewear from prescription swimming goggles to shooting glasses. Choosing the right eyewear for a particular sport can make all the difference. So please do not hesitate to inquire with our specialist for an expert advice.

Row of Sports Glasses

Brown Tint

Best all round tint. This is a high contrast lens providing the best vision over a wide range of lighting conditions from cloud less blue sky to heavy cloud cover. It also removes virtually all horizontal glare offering excellent penetration when looking into water. Best uses are fishing, cricket and driving.

Yellow Tint

This is an ultra high contrast colour and is suitable for use in very low levels of light. Excellent for indoor sports like squash, badmintion and cycling.

Grey Tint

This is suitable for general purpose. It is ideal for high level of light. Best used in golf.

Green Tint

This is suitable for general purpose and is especially good for use in tennis and golf.

Polarised Lenses

These lenses are available in brown, yellow, grey, green and orange tints.

Mirror Lenses

These lenses available in blue gold and silver to coordinate with the frame. Not only does it give a stylish look they are also made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate. Mirror lenses are of high definition and are only available in single vision and polarised for optimum sports performance.


These are two-in-one lens. Drivers are a major advancement in variable tint technology. It combines amazing light enhancing properties with phenomenal horizontal polarising to give outstanding performance in both low and high bright light. In low state it has an olive green tint. It is designed specifically for lighting conditions where a normal lens would struggle. As light increases the lens will darken to a deep brown colour giving the perfect degree of glare free vision. Driver lens is also 100% UV absorbing. These lens are also superb impact resistance giving excellent physical protection and is scratch resistant and water repellent. Thus highly recommended for most sports and driving. Only available in single vision varifocal and non prescription option.

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