Contact lenses are used as an alternative to glasses, whether they are for socialising, sport or even wanting a new look. Most people are suitable for contact lenses. The advances in lenses allow correction for both distance and reading.

There are different types of contact lenses:

  • Daily Disposables

Simply open a fresh lens and place the lens on the eye, at the end of the day throw the lens away.

  • Monthly / 2 weekly Lenses

These lenses can either last 1 month or 2 weeks depending on the lenses. These require the patient to look after the lenses throughout that period using a solution, case and a cleaning regime. The lenses are then thrown away at the end of their time period i.e. 1 month or two weeks along with their case.

  • Toric Lenses

These can either be daily or monthly lenses and are required to correct patients that have astigmatism over -0.50DC

  • Coloured lenses

These can be daily or monthly lenses with or without a prescription for social or everyday use.

  • Multifocal lenses

Similar to spectacle lenses these are mainly for those struggling to read usually over the age of 45. These lenses help for reading and distance and can be daily or monthly lenses. Presbyopic patients have a number of options for contact lenses. 1) Multifocal lenses 2) One eye for distance and one eye for near 3) Distance contact lenses with reading glasses on top Exploring the possible options is key for presbyopic patients allowing them to wear contact lenses that suit their lifestyle. Why not come in store and have your free contact lens trial